A Indianapolis Party Bus Rental can be the ideal way for you and a group of friends to enjoy a night out, regardless of occasion or celebration.


It is a cost-effective and safe way to party into the night, without worrying about designating a driver, finding parking or getting stuck in traffic. With a bus rental, you’ll have your very own chauffeur who will make sure you have everything you need to arrive at your celebration in style.

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Although there is no ‘wrong’ time, here are some of the most popular occasions that people hire a charter bus:

  • Birthday: Whether it’s your 21st or your 65th birthday, you’ll want to celebrate in style. Hiring a bus will allow you and your group to arrive at your destination ready to party. Your destination could be a few miles away, or it could be several hundred miles away. Either way, your driver will get you there safely.
  • Concert: So one of the most popular bands is playing near you? Great! Grab your tickets along with a few friends and travel to and from the concert without worrying about parking, or getting lost on the way. Your driver will have the route planned out, and if there is construction or an accident, will have a plan B in place. You can be assured you’ll get there on time, so you don’t miss any of the fun.
  • Bachelorette/bachelor party: Celebrating upcoming nuptials? Rent a party bus and party till dawn! Some mini-buses and deluxe coaches allow drinking on board, so you can enjoy a few drinks on your way to your way and back home again. A bachelorette/bachelor party should be just as memorable as the wedding itself!
  • Club-hopping: Do you and your friends want to go out clubbing without the hassle of driving yourself? Have peace of mind knowing that you won’t get pulled over by the authorities (or worse, get in an accident). You can enjoy your evening with your friends and party hard!
  • Sightseeing: Do you have vacation time coming up and want to take your family and friends to see the sights in your town, or another city across the state? A charter bus can help you see the sights in style, without having to worry about traffic, getting lost or parking. Your driver may even have some interesting facts about some of the sights you’ll see. A bus provides a stress-free trip that is also very educational.

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Keep in mind that some party rental buses allow drinking on board while some do not. You’ll want to ask the company you’re hiring about their policy before hiring them. It could also depend on the type of bus you rent (a deluxe motor coach vs. a school bus). Hiring a charter can enhance any event or celebration. Just make sure that you’re aware of what is allowed and not allowed on the bus before you book it – and get it in writing. This will avoid frustration and disappointment later. 

Charter Bus Rentals can take care of all of your transportation needs. Visit the website for more information.

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