Birthdays are some of the most important events that we have in our lives and this is one reason the celebration has to be memorable.

There is every benefit when it comes to hiring a Washington DC Charter Bus for your birthday party. With help from the professional staff, convenience being key, affordable cost and luxury.

Whether you are celebrating your 21st or 60th birthday, you can never go wrong with a charter bus. Let us now have a look at why you should choose a charter bus for your birthday party.

Designated chauffeurs

It is not only once that many people have gone out or have had a birthday party and then drove home drinking. Driving while drunk is very risky but this is not something to worry about when you are in one charter bus near me as it comes with a professional driver who is at your service. With the chauffeur, you will get to your different destinations safely and comfortably. They also know the routes to use meaning you do not have to worry about getting lost or following vague directions. All you have to do is sit back and have fun.

Onboard amenities

A birthday party, it is not complete without a few drinks such as soft drinks and champagne as well as some snacks. If the bus company does not offer this, then you can bring your own instead. Some are luxurious as they include not only classy seating but they also have plasma TVs and music. Even after leaving the venue of the main event, the party continues as most of the buses have sound and light systems with plenty of music to choose from.

Visit multiple places with ease

Unlike when you have different vehicles, with a birthday party charter bus, you will visit multiple destinations with ease. You do not have to create a convoy, spend on fuel and keep trying to keep up with each other. It can be quite hectic to travel with many friends in different cars.


One of the reasons charter buses have become very popular in birthday parties, is because they offer convenience which is very significant for any event. You do not have to rush to the bus station, to your friend’s place so that you can drive together or hail for a cab. The charter bus offers door-to-door service picking you up from your preferred point and taking you to the venue. The driver is always at your service delivering you in style.


A charter bus has the capacity to hold quite a few people depending on its actual size. Whether you are 20 or 40, there is always a bus that can accommodate you. You have more fun while traveling together and no one will have to sacrifice enjoying drinks to take you home.

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