In case you are planning a party in New York, there are many interesting things you can do to make sure that the event will be remembered for a long time. The vast majority of people are focused on the venue where the party will be held. Without any doubt, the venue is important and so is the decoration, but the fact is that there aren’t many things related to the venue that can surprise the guests. So, if you want something really extraordinary, consider hiring a party bus. The days when these services were used only for bus tours are gone. Today, there are dozens of party bus rental NYC options for people who want to celebrate some special event in their life in a unique way. The advantages of a party bus are numerous – from no DUI’s and DD’s to onboard amenities, this option will impress all your guests. Now let’s highlight some of the different types of charter party buses in NYC.

Generally speaking, a party bus is motor vehicles with large dimensions based on regular bus or coach but altered to carry at least ten people for entertainment purposes. Charter party buses are driven by professional chauffeurs that come from the same company that provides party bus rental services.

One of the differences is in their capacity. As we have already mentioned, the minimum capacity is usually ten passengers. Of course, there are buses with a capacity of more than 30 people. There are many charter party buses in NYC that are actually modified minibuses or vans.

The type of charter party bus can also be determined by the amenities found in it. For example, some buses come with advanced electrical systems, stereos and sophisticated music systems, remote control mirrors, special windows and doors, adjustable ergonomic seats with special fabric, AC, video systems, stripper poles, cameras, disco balls, laser lights, machines that produce smoke and other special effects, toilets, strobe lights etc. it is also worth mentioning that party buses come with various floor plans too.

Party buses are usually used for special events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, weddings, special nights on the town, casino trips, birthdays etc. In some cases, the type of event determines the type of charter party bus that people should use. In most cases these buses are used for events that last no more than 12 hours. There are options that allow users to hire a party bus for more than one day too, so you don’t have to worry about that.

No matter what kind of chart party bus you choose, you can rest assured that you will have a great time in New York City. This service allows you to relax and enjoy your time while you are partying. Transportation in this city can be very difficult and it can kill the mood instantly. However, if you use a party bus, the party will keep going even when you are traveling from one place to another.

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