No matter what the occasion or purpose for your trip, using a charter bus service can make it more memorable. Just as with any other trip, though, it takes planning and thought to ensure a smooth and successful excursion. You want good memories, not come home with horror stories! Here are some tips on planning a trip using a charter bus service.

Consider your destination: Where is it that you want to go? A sporting event? A club? A wedding? Wherever you go, your driver will need to know exactly where it is, so he can make the appropriate route to get you there faster.

Consider your route: If your excursion is going to take you across state lines, make sure the company you hire is well aware of this. Some companies don’t travel outside of the state, so you may have to look for another one.

Stops along the way: Are you going to do a pub crawl along the way, or on the way back from your event? If so, the driver will need to know this as well. Keep in mind that there may be extra fees involved for every stop the driver has to make.

Scenic attractions: Are there any scenic attractions you want to see while you’re on the charter bus? If so, let the driver know well in advance so he can adjust the route if needed. He may even have some suggestions on interesting sights to include on your trip.

How many people in your group: When renting a charter bus, make sure you know how many people are going to be in your group. The more people the less expensive the trip will be overall (assuming that everyone pitches in) and smaller groups will obviously require smaller buses.

Know what you bring: Some companies allow you to bring your own music, movies, and alcoholic drinks; others do not. Ask well before the day of the trip what you’re allowed to bring and what you aren’t.

Know what amenities are offered: Most charter buses offer several amenities like washrooms, sleeping areas, plush comfy seats, LED lighting, TVs, CD players and more. You’ll be very disappointed if you’re expecting a fully stocked bar and there isn’t one offered.

Having a memorable trip will not only depend on your ultimate destination, but on your mode of transportation. Whichever company you hire should have everything in writing, including the date, all fees, and what amenities are going to be included. Ask about special package deals for an even more affordable trip. Make sure your guests are aware of what to expect. While it’s your driver’s job to treat you and your group like royalty, don’t think that you can’t return the favor. Treat your driver with the respect he deserves and don’t forget about the tip. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your trip is a fantastic one, and you will create lasting memories that you can tell your grandkids about many years from now.

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