Whether you’re on a party bus rental in St. Louis, or on a charter bus trip on your own with a group of others, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. Travelling can be fun and adventurous, but there is never any harm in being cautious and self-aware.

  • Choose your seat wisely: If you’re a woman travelling alone, sitting beside a man may not be the most comfortable ride for you; it’s best to sit beside another woman or a teenager. Sometimes you must choose your seat ahead of time, so you have no choice. If possible, ask for a seat somewhere in the middle; sitting at the back will give you a more bumpy ride and more traffic as people go back to use the washroom; sitting in the front can give you a view of the road ahead which you may not want to see. Choose an aisle or a window seat based on your own personal preference.
  • Go first-class: A first class bus or charter will normally award you with extra roomy seating, more amenities and a more comfortable ride overall. These may also take you on more direct routes, or routes that don’t go through high-crime-rate This is especially important if your journey takes you through questionable areas at night.
  • Hide your money/valuables: Even if you are travelling with friends, there are bound to be people that you don’t know. Don’t make it easy for anyone to steal your valuables. If you can, keep expensive jewellery at home. Hide your money and valuables from plain sight. It’s also a good idea to not carry a lot of cash on you, and hide it in different places. Put $20 in your purse or wallet, $50 in your duffel bag, and more somewhere on your person. This way if a thief does steal something, it won’t be a total loss.
  • Don’t go off alone: When you stop along your journey, it’s important not to wander off alone, regardless of the time of day. You run the risk of getting lost, or worse, running into some dangerous situations. Calling 911 on your cell phone won’t help you if you don’t know where you are and are unfamiliar with the area.
  • Check your itinerary: When you book your tour, you will likely be provided with a complete itinerary that indicates your route and stopping times. There are state and federal laws that indicate how long a driver can go without stopping. Make sure that your itinerary includes plenty of stops along the way. It’s important for your driver to get enough rest so he can focus better when he’s behind the wheel.
  • Give family/friends your itinerary: Make sure that a family member or friend who is not going with you has a copy of your itinerary, including any air travel that may be included with your trip.

A party bus rental in St. Louis can be a great way to tour the city and the state; just make sure you follow the above tips so you can be assured that you will get to your destination and back home again safely.

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