A party bus rental in Chicago can be a great way to travel the city, have a night out with friends and get places in style. But is it right for a group of teens? Many parents ask this question when their son or daughter approaches them on the subject.

We’ve all heard horror stories of party bus rentals gone wrong. Does that mean that teens should be denied the opportunity to have some fun and get together with friends? Not necessarily. Of course, like anything, there are pros and cons to teens renting a bus –but then there are risks with them driving cars as well.

Here are some things to consider before choosing whether or not a party bus rental in Chicago is right for you and your teen.


A party bus is called so for a reason – it’s a chance to party the night away. If there is no adult supervision (and the driver doesn’t count), then alcohol may find its way on board. It’s not the driver’s responsibility to search every bag or purse that is brought on board. Most bus companies have policies regarding alcohol, and drivers can refuse drunk or unruly passengers to board, at their discretion. Before hiring a specific party bus rental in Chicago, ask about their policies on this.

Illegal substances

If something is illegal off the bus, it’s illegal on the bus! Drugs, like marijuana and ecstasy, are popular among teens, and things can quickly get out of control if they are used by a group of people. Again, the driver can refuse passage if he or she suspects that there are drugs on board. Talk to your teen about the dangers of using drugs (anywhere, not just on a party bus) and make sure they understand the risks of doing so.


A group of 20 or so teenagers on a party bus rental in Chicago is probably not a very good idea without a chaperone. That doesn’t mean having someone there is only a couple of years older – that means having a parent or trusted friend on board to keep an eye on things. While teens may balk at this idea, it’s important to ensure everyone’s safety.


You want to make sure that the driver that is assigned to the party bus has the skills and experience to operate the vehicle safely. Ask the company about the driver’s overall driving record, how long he’s been with the company and what type of training the company provides for its employees.


Make sure you know where it is that your teen is going. Are they just going to drive around on the bus and party the night away? Or is there an actual destination in mind (school dance, birthday party, etc.).

It really all comes down to responsibility. If you trust your teen and his/her friends, and you have a trusted chaperone on board of legal age, then there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s up to you as a parent to ask the right questions and make sure that your teen is in a safe environment with a responsible group of people.

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