Romantic places don’t always have to be mainstream restaurants, a typical place for the couples or an empty parking lot after a date at a bowling space. If your significant other is really important for you, then make sure you choose a place that feels equally special.

And do not concern yourself with reaching these places, reaching there is not the issue, it is the destination that is important. Besides, Pittsburgh Bus Tours can help you get any place you like. You can even pitch in with other couples for Pittsburgh Charter Bus Rental and make this romantic getaway a memorable one.

Let us show you the way to help you make the most romantic gesture you could in your life:

1.     Tara

The charm and sophistication of the old south was lost with the civil war, the history and traditions and a civilization was gone with the wind. But it did leave many things behind it, in addition to giving us one of the strongest female protagonist and a love like that of Mr. Rhett Butler. We assure you that if your lover is a literary enthusiast then they’ll know the value of Tara. This country inn has an old south theme and is even named after the Gone with the Wind land of the O’Hara’s.

2.     Penn’s Cave

Book a Coach Bus San Antonio and set on your journey to reach the Penn’s cave. This place redefines the word magical. With its stalactites and stalagmites, a boat ride, and the reputation for being the only all-water cave, it sure becomes a place full of promises. A perfect place for those couples who live for the adventures.

Pittsburgh Charter Bus

3.     Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Just a little away from Pittsburgh, a visit to this place will be definitely worth it. Give a little twist to your romantic date and add a little more spice than a lunch and dinner outing. This resort will allow you two to know each other and make memories together as you ski, snowboard and hit the sloped side by side. Pittsburgh Charter Bus will help you get to and fro from there.

So what will it be? Tara, Penn’s cave or the seven spring mountain resort, wherever you wish to go, Pittsburgh Charter Bus will take you and yours. Call us today at (877) 243-4717

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