A party bus rental in St. Louis, or any other city, can get you and your group around in style. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation or you just want to see the sights, travelling in a charter bus is a much more comfortable option than a taxi. While there are many things you can do on a charter that you can’t do anywhere else (have a drink, etc.) there are some common courtesies that you should follow, to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, including your driver. Here are the top 3 things you should never do on a charter bus:

  • Drink excessively: A party bus will likely be equipped with a built-in bar, or you can bring your own on board. Drinking excessively, however, is never a good idea especially when on the road. Getting drunk can make things extremely uncomfortable for the rest of your group and can distract the driver if things get rowdy. Know your limit and how much you can handle; save the excessive drinking for when you’re off the bus. Respect others in the group who don’t drink alcohol.
  • Be rude and obnoxious: This can happen when you ignore rule #1! Always be courteous to everyone in your group and to the driver. If someone is rude to you, try to ignore it; don’t lower to their level. Act in a kind, generous way and you will find everyone treats you with respect and dignity as well. A party bus rental in St. Louis is not an excuse to leave your manners at the door. You may be excited about your travels, but don’t let excitement turn into something more sinister. Remember the rules you mother always told you – share, be nice and be patient. Not tipping is also considered rude; a general rule is to tip 15 – 20 percent of your fare at the end of the trip.
  • Conduct illegal activities: Drugs aren’t legal on the streets, and they’re not legal on a charter bus either. Never bring drugs or illegal substances/weapons, etc. on a charter bus. Not only will you get kicked off of the bus, but you may also end up in jail for the night (or longer). Illegal activity is not respectful to anyone in your group, and you may actually be banned from travelling with that particular company again.

When booking a party bus rental in St. Louis, always ask for a list of things you can and can’t bring on board with you. Each company and each state have differing rules and regulations. This avoids confusion and awkward moments when it’s time to board the bus.

If you are gathering your own group together, make sure that the bus is big enough to transport your entire party comfortably. There are different models that can hold anywhere from 10 – 50 passengers. Book your trip well in advance, at least, one to two months before departure. Always be on time and ready to go on the agreed upon date and time.

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