A party bus rental can be ideal for many different occasions and celebrations – from birthday parties to concerts. They offer a stress-free transportation method of getting to your destination. You don’t have to worry about driving to the venue, finding (and paying for) parking, or designating a driver to take you home.

Another advantage of hiring a party bus is that there are several things you can do that you can’t do in your own vehicle. Here are the top 4 things you and your friends can do on a party bus:

  • Listen to music: Music always enhances the mood; so put on your favorite CD to get everyone in a partying mood. Bring some of your favorite CD’s along, and ask your friends to do the same. Or, hook your phone up to the WIFI connection and watch some YouTube videos, or listen to your Spotify playlist. However, you do it, you and your friends can have a great time before you even get to your
  • Watch TV/Movies: Is there a movie you and your friends really want to watch but haven’t had a chance yet? Or, is there a favorite that you can watch over and over? Bring it along, and watch it on your way to your destination. Make it something upbeat and funny – you don’t want to be crying over a sad ending when you are supposed to celebrating!
  • Play a game: Bring a fun game along like Pictionary or Scattegories; you can play even a game of Euchre. Playing a game can put everyone in a good mood and make the trip go by faster. Before you know it, you’ll have arrived at your destination, stress-free and happy!
  • Party!: What is a party bus rental without the ability to party? Many buses are stocked with bars; or they allow you to bring your own beverages on board (make sure you know the company’s policy on this, as they differ depending on the company and state you’re in). Enjoy a few drinks and snacks with your group while you travel to your destination in style. Who knows – the party on the bus can be better than the one you’ll be attending once you get there!

Depending on the type of party bus you rent, you’ll have access to different amenities, such as a fully-stocked bar, plush interior, climate control, etc. This is a very cost-effective option, however, because everyone in your group can put money toward the total cost.

Don’t forget to tip your driver for a job well done! Expect to tip at least 15% of your total fare. Again, this can be divided up between everyone in your group to keep costs down.

A party bus rental is a great way to have some fun before, during and after your celebration or event. It will provide a stress-free evening that you and your friends will remember for years to come. So go ahead – create some special memories and rent a bus for your next celebration or event.

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