A party bus rental is a great way to get around when you want to party the night away; if you are celebrating a special event or celebration, why not gather some friends together and celebrate till dawn? Whatever the occasion, a bus rental can be an ideal solution.

Rates for charter bus rentals vary greatly, however. The prices will vary depending on several factors, including distance, number of people in your group, and the type of bus you rent.

The amenities included will also be a factor in your pricing. Some rentals are equipped with amenities such as washrooms, TV’s, DVD players, CD players, etc. The more amenities that are included, the more you are likely to pay for your overall rental.

Fixed price vs. flat fee

Most party bus rental companies charge by the hour, but there are some instances a flat fee is charged. Some companies will negotiate a flat fee price depending on the nature of your event and other factors, such as the type of bus you’re renting and how many people are in your group. Keep in mind that some rentals come with minimum time requirements. For example, you may need to book a bus for at least 4 hours.

Here are the typical types of buses you can rent, and rate fees you can expect to pay:

Deluxe charter bus

This is the top-of-the-line model that is equipped with everything you need to ensure a comfortable and fun ride. Amenities include washrooms, plush seating and interior, TV’s, CD players, DVD players and more. Expect to pay anywhere from $575 to $1500 per day (up to 12 hours). Some charter buses are equipped with bunks that can accommodate 10-12 people, and these are generally more expensive.

If you have a long trip ahead and want to travel with a large group of friends and family, a deluxe charter bus will be your ideal choice.

Party bus/trolley

Party bus rentals like this are the perfect choice for celebrating birthdays, having a bachelor/bachelorette party, or just club hopping the night away. These buses can accommodate up to 30 passengers comfortably, and come equipped with entertainment systems, fibre optic lighting, champagne coolers, and restrooms.

This is ideal for the party-minded group who want to get to and from their destination safely and in style. Expect to pay between $1100 and $1500 for 4-6 hours.

School bus

A school bus is the most cost-effective option but doesn’t come with the amenities that deluxe charter buses do. With seating for up 45 people, this is an ideal option for short distances. You’ll get a climate controlled environment with a radio and a PA system. Don’t expect luxurious surroundings; however, if you’re just looking to go a short distance with worry-free driving, this is a great option.

Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 depending upon the length of time you rent it.

The great thing about a party bus rental is that you can get everyone in your group to contribute to the cost, thus reducing individual costs. So go ahead, get some of your friends together and whoop it up in style!

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