A wedding website is aimed to facilitate the guests with all the information required for them to have a great time at the wedding.

This may include information about the lodgings, gift registry, wedding transportation, time of arrival etc. This blog will cover some of the requisites among the many that should always be mentioned on your wedding website.

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Information about the main events:

Rehearsal dinner, ceremony and the reception are the most importance events of any wedding. Information about the date, time, venue location, car parking etc. t needs to mentioned, in case you are offering charter bus San Francisco for the guest, don’t forget to mention it as many guests RSVP no because they don’t have suitable transportation.

Information about events other than this:

If you have organized a barbeque party on the wedding weekend before the big day, your wedding website should also mention that, in case you plan to take the guys golfing and the ladies to the spa or on a city tour in a San Diego charter bus, details of that should also be mentioned.

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Information about the dress code:

Be specific about the dress code or all the events time-lined for the wedding weekend. You don’t want anyone to come up casually dressed to a black tie event.

Information about the routes:

In case, many of your guests are going to attend the wedding from out-of-town, it is best to put up several maps for their convenience in case they get lost. Better, contact a San Francisco charter bus rental company and see if they can arrange for charter bus San Francisco and you won’t have to worry about guests arriving late.

Information about accommodations:

If you are providing accommodation to out-of-towner guests, mention that on your website.

If not, at least place some flyers or brochures of affordable BnBs or hotel rooms so that they don’t have to research on their own. Call us today at (877) 243-4717

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