Many couples book a DJ for their wedding reception because that is the norm.

Yet, if you would like to do something really special that will create a memorable and meaningful wedding, it is time to think outside the box like our luxury San Antonio Charter Bus Rental.

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Reason one: Because not everyone enjoys popular music. You may have many guests who prefer to listen to music that is closely related to their culture, guests who are musicians and prefer a select musical genera, or older guests who have no idea who Katy Perry is.

Reason two: If you are concerned about reserving classy “Charter Buses Near Me,” then compliment your idea of class with music that reflects this. Booking a professional pianist for modern weddings can help develop upon the elegant atmosphere you are trying to convey.

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Reason three: Do you have a themed wedding? Ditching your typical DJ may help you achieve the finishing touches to the perfect wedding theme. Fantasy, Disney, whimsical, and similar wedding themes can greatly benefit from a harp player. Xylophone music can compliment tropical themes and African themes.

Reason four: If you like the idea of having a DJ playing requests. But are not the type to dance—why not hire a talented acoustic guitarist? Most musicians start learning by playing covers, so chances are, you can find someone with a long list of great songs.

Charter Bus Near Me

Reason five: Searching for a Charter Bus Near Me to pamper your guests? Pamper your guests with the rhythm of traditional music. Digging back into your family’s heritage and ethnicity may bring you to music that soothes the soul. Call us Now –  (916) 905-5154

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