With different preferences, any wine lover would love to sit back. And enjoy when they embark on a wine tasting tour any day.

It might not be fun to experience this while you are all by yourself as it is more fun to travel together with people that matter most to you.

DC Charter Bus

Every little benefit adds up to the overall experience of the excursion. The most cost effective way to move from one point to the other during the tour is to hire a charter bus that offers style and comfort. Let us now have a look at the benefits of hiring a bus for your Wine Tour.

Alcohol-free driver

Since this involves not only learning more about the vineyards, the production of wine but involves also tasting of a variety of wines, you will need a designated driver who has not tasted the liquor. This way, you are assured that the driver does not have alcohol in his system and will not be impaired by alcohol especially when you have to move from one winery to the other.

Customizing the tour

Nothing feels like having to be in control of the tour. This starts from the time that you board the bus up to the time that you alight. With flexibility in the choice of the programs that you undertake, you are sure that you will see nothing but what you want. The Wine Tour will only be to your satisfaction.

Cost effective

When you are several friends and would like to embark on a wine tour. You will find that it is a bit expensive if everyone was to use their own mode of transport. It does not only waste your time, but it also helps you spend more money which is not something that you want. It is cost effective since the total amount that you hire a charter bus rental near me for if divided it will be more affordable considering the convenience. A bus also has more capacity than smaller cars.


It might sound funny but not many would like to have the duty of cleaning a car after enjoying a tour whether it is a wine tasting one, vacation or a party. The charter bus company is responsible for ensuring that the bus is clean, it is well maintained if unfortunately. There is a mechanical breakdown they handle that and they take care of any problem onboard. With complimentary sparkling wine onboard, you are sure the bus will definitely get messy. Avoiding the responsibility of cleaning the bus is another reason you should hire a bus for your wine tour.

An expert driver

Any driver that operates a tour bus or a bus for hire knows the region very well. They know the routes that the passengers will enjoy most and what not to miss out on. When you hire charter bus services.

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