Group events have the potential to be something very exciting.

There is no better way for you to get everyone to and from the event than a charter bus. These buses are comfortable and stylish.

With your own private bus, you will be able to start the festivities even before you get to the actual event. Now that’s something everyone will enjoy isn’t it?

As the number of people searching for cheap and cost-efficient travel options increases, charter bus services continue to gain popularity as a viable mode of transportation. Planes, trains and cars are always going to be around but there are some special benefits which only chartered buses can offer. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits.


Bus travel is rated twice as safe as flying by plane and forty-six times safer than travelling in a car. Bus travel has accounted for only three deaths every 10 billion miles. That’s less than the six deaths in case of planes and 140 deaths for cars over this same distance. The charter bus industry is regulated by the DOT (Department of Transportation) and all bus drivers need to fulfill specific requirements before they are allowed to drive. Apart from being able to drive, they need to have a DOT Physical Exam Card, have to pass drug tests and maintain a log of their traveled miles and service hours. The number of hours they can drive is regulated as well. You will always get a professional, healthy and experienced driver behind the wheel of a chartered bus.

Mobility and Access

Apart from safety, charter buses provide easy access to a number of destinations. Trains and planes have fixed origins and destinations. But with a chartered bus, you can be picked up from your doorstep and dropped off at your destination. These buses will also take you around for the duration of your trip instead of just taking you from one point to another. It will be like having your own personal taxi all throughout.

Cheap and Comfortable

If you worry about the environment and want to do your part, chartered buses are your best bet. They are extremely fuel efficient and quite inexpensive too. They cost around half as much as it would cost to fly a plane and the buses of today don’t really lack any amenities either. Modern buses come with restrooms, DVD players, sleeping facilities, reclining seats, satellites, catered food, etc. There really is nothing you can get on a plane that you can’t get on a chartered bus.

There are just so many benefits associated with hiring a chartered bus service for any event or gathering. Everyone will enjoy this creative approach to travel. It’s the perfect combination of convenience, comfort and affordability. The end result may just leave you astounded and wondering why you never thought of using this mode of transportation in the past.

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(877) 243-4717