If you’re considering a party bus rental in St. Louis, you may be wondering what type of service to use, how big your vehicle should be, and you may even be wondering if it will suit your needs at all. The truth is, a charter bus service can be used for almost any occasion. Here are just a few of them:

Travelling long distances

If you are travelling from city to city or even state to state, you might want to consider a party bus rental in St. Louis. These buses are equipped with more comfortable seating, more amenities (TV, DVD and CD players) and some even have washrooms.

If you want to ride in a comfortable, relaxed setting with extra room to spare on your extended journey, a charter bus is definitely the way to travel.

Travelling in a large group

Sometimes the best trips involved gathering a large group of friends and sightseeing through different locations. This is a great time to use a party bus rental in St. Louis. Explore the many landmarks, museums and sightseeing tours along your journey, regardless of your destination.

A charter bus can handle anywhere from 20 – 60 people comfortably, and is equipped with many amenities so you won’t be bored on your travels. You can choose to play a game with the group, or just sit back and watch one of your favorite TV shows. Even though you’re travelling in a group, you can have your privacy when you want it.

Event or Celebration

Are you celebrating a college graduation, a recent engagement or a milestone birthday? Or do you want the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette party? A party bus rental in St. Louis is a great time to celebrate whatever you wish. Gather some friends together and leave your cares at the door. Travel in style and get to and from your destination safely. You can enjoy a few drinks, party with friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter what you use a party bus rental in St. Louis for, it will be there to get you safely to and from your destination. Remember to book well in advance (preferably, at least, a month, but more if you have a very large party). Keep some of these things in mind when on your charter party bus:

  • Large groups can be rowdy and it’s ok to have some fun; just make sure that you don’t distract the driver and conduct activities that may distract the driver.
  • Drugs are illegal everywhere and that includes on a charter bus. Your driver has the right to use his/her discretion to remove the drugs and you from the bus.
  • Be courteous. While the buses are large and roomy, it is still a confined space for a large group of people. It’s important to be courteous to both the riders and the driver.
  • Don’t forget to tip the driver! Typically, the rate is 15 – 20 percent of the total fare.

Most importantly, have fun! You’re with your group to make sure you have a memorable party or celebration so go ahead and let loose!

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